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In the Beginning . . . . . . .

womens gun classes

I grew up in a family where the boys went hunting and the girls baked cookies.  I  never thought that one day I would decide to get my concealed carry permit, purchase a gun, learn how to shoot, and go on to teach firearms training.  But that is exactly what happened. 


I was very apprehensive about taking a firearms class, especially thinking about being in a class with men that most likely had already handled a gun.  I was fortunate the day I took my concealed carry class - I was the only person in the class.  Loving the sport, and remembering how I felt that day driving to the class, I decided to learn everything I could about shooting, take my instructor training, and have my own classes where women could feel comfortable as first time shooters, knowing there are other women with the same experience level and an instructor who can relate to the concerns and nervousness of a woman taking her first shot.  I know the nervous feelings, but I also know the extreme excitement of taking your first shot and becoming an educated and proficient shooter. 

womens gun training

I would be honored to be the instructor who shares that first experience with you.


Shirley King

NRA  Firearms Instructor

woman concealed permit class

A special thank you to Mario Anglero, my firearms instructor, for being there with me every step of the way.  I am grateful for the knowledge, help, and encouragement he has given me in achieving my firearms goals.  I could never find a more patient mentor.   



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