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​​​​​Class times Wednesday 5 pm and Saturday at 2:30 pm.  Phone 941-769-0437 to reserve a spot in these classes or to arrange a time that meets your schedule.  Classes are at the Omni Executive Center  4055 Tamiami Trail  Port Charlotte.  Range time is at J&J Indoor Range.


 Firearms Training for Women by a Woman

Shirley King  -   NRA Firearms Instructor
​USCCA Certified Instructor
Female Firearms Training, LLC. is committed to offering high quality firearms training to women interested in obtaining their Concealed Permit as well as those who are looking to develop shooting proficiency.  Our small, all women classes are designed to allow our students to learn in a relaxed, non intimidating environment.  All range time is one-on-one personal instruction. Shoot like a girl never sounded so good. Learn safe gun handling and become an educated gun owner. You Can Do It! 



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                         Classroom, Range Time, Firearms, Ammunition, Eye and Ear Protection are provided by Female Firearms Training, LLC.

(941) 769-0437